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 Die Casting
 1 ) Mould design
 2 ) High Pressure Casting
 Precision machining
 1 ) CNC Machining
 2 ) Lathe Machining
 Surface Finishing
 1 ) Powder Coating
 2 ) Painting
 3 ) Anodizing
 1 ) Precision machining
 2 ) Die-casting Machine
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 Die casting mould
 Agriculture die casting parts
 Die casting Coupling
 Automotive parts
 Aluminium Lighting parts
 Motorcycle Accessories
 Die-casting Heating Equipment
 Heating Equipment
 New Products
Company Profile ...
    Ningbo Haiwei Mold Machinery Co.,ltd is one of speciallized manufacturer and exporter of various casting and mechanical parts which is widely used for Automobile, Motorcycle, Medical, Hardware engineering, Petroleum, Electricity Industry. Most of our products are exported toUSA, Canada, and Europe such as Germany, France, Italy, Norway, Finland, Switzerland, etc. we win good reputation among our customers. ......
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Die casting parts-A2
Die-casting parts-A1
Die-casting parts-A3
Die casting parts-A4
Die casting parts-A5
Die casting parts-A6
Die casting couplings-C1
Die casting coupling-C2
Die casting coupling-C3
Die casting coupling-C4
Die casting coupling-C5
Die casting coupling-C6
Die casting coupling-C7
Automotive parts-E1
Automotive parts-E2
Automotive parts-E3
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